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For 150 years, the Saratoga brand has been tirelessly pursuing the art of water. Now synonymous with memorable experiences, the brand is the water of choice for tastemakers, offering quality, carefully crafted still and sparkling water.

While the premium market of waters has grown substantially over the past several decades, Saratoga Spring Water® distinguishes itself with its roots in American history and its stunning cobalt blue bottles. Born in the foothills of the Adirondacks, Saratoga Spring Water® was an early adopter of making mineral springs accessible. These springs were thought to have unique healing powers as they were a source of uncontaminated water for those in Europe and the Americas. Travelers would come from far away just to visit Saratoga Springs to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul.

In the early 1900s, the Saratoga brand became a treat available beyond New York as the company entered fine dining establishments across the Northeast as premium waters became a staple in the U.S. in the late 1900s as imported waters entered the marketplace and have even taken on new looks including celebrity or designer partnerships and added ingredients and looking for new ways to be sustainable.


Saratoga placed as the final detail for an exquisite table setting.

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In contrast, the Saratoga brand has proudly stayed true to its roots, solidifying its place as the premium brand of choice. As a spring water, this American classic contains minerals that are naturally occurring. Notably, the glass bottles are also infinitely recyclable, and its bottling facility has 100 percent electricity offset with wind power renewable energy credits.

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“Saratoga doesn’t need anything flashy to be the perfect water for your table,” said Brittany Lewis, brand marketing lead of Saratoga Spring Water. “The iconic cobalt blue bottles elevate the aesthetic of any table, and the longstanding heritage of the brand indicates that Saratoga is a quality brand that can withstand the test of time.”

Moreover, to remain timeless Lewis told WWD that the Saratoga brand has always prioritized understated elegance over overstated extravagance. There is beauty, she said, in the details, which allow you to remain a classic.

“This has allowed us to fit seamlessly into the culture of the decades, by altering minor details of our packaging and leaning into quality over quantity,” said Lewis. “Just like a little black dress, we are long-lasting and versatile – ensuring we never go out of style.”

To that end, the Saratoga brand’s elevated style has caught the eye of many tastemakers over the course of its 150 years, making it a must at many fashionindustry moments. And, according to Lewis, it can be said that in many ways Saratoga has grown alongside the fashion industry, in the U.S.

“Like the fashion industry, the Saratoga brand has continuously evolved to meet consumers’ needs,” she said of the brand’s mirrored evolution. “As we continue to grow, we aim to hold steadfast to the importance of thoughtful design, meticulous attention to detail, and careful curation when delivering our spring water, however, we also believe that the old rules don’t apply when it comes to defining luxury. With these values driving our business decisions, we can ensure that the Saratoga brand will always be at the forefront of timelessness, just like the fashion industry.”

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Looking ahead, Saratoga has set plans to expand nationally, allowing consumers across the U.S. to savor the Saratoga experience. The brand will become more visible in supermarkets and convenience stores so that everyone can take the Saratoga experience with them.

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