Rory McIlroy Blasts James Hahn For Missing PGA Meeting After Golfer Said He ‘HATES’ New Changes

Rory McIlroy has criticized fellow pro James Hahn for missing a player meeting on Tuesday – just three days after he spoke at length about his problems with the Tour.

In a lengthy interview with Golfweek, Hahn said he ‘hates’ the recent changes to the Tour, questioned why Tiger Woods made $10million through the Player Impact Program and called players supporting the changes ‘hypocritical.’

Yet he was nowhere to be seen at a player meeting 7:30am Tuesday, which McIlroy took major issue with. 

‘You say all this s*** and you’re not even in the meeting?’ he said, per’s Dylan Dethier. 

‘If you want to get informed and be a part of the process – the fact that he wasn’t even in the room was a slap in the face to everyone there.’

Rory McIlroy was not happy with James Hahn missing a player meeting on Tuesday

Hahn said he 'hated' the new changes to the game but was a no-show at TPC Sawgrass

Hahn said he ‘hated’ the new changes to the game but was a no-show at TPC Sawgrass

As LIV Golf has poached some of the game’s top players with mouthwatering salaries, the PGA Tour has made changes to try and keep up.

That included a $50million increase to the Player Impact Program (which rewards the sport’s most popular players) to $100million total. 

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Commissioner Jay Monahan’s recent memo to players showed that the fund had been reduced back down to its original amount of $50million, but Hahn still called the increase a ‘$50million mistake.’

He also questioned why Tiger Woods, who played just nine competitive rounds in 2022, should take home $10million for winning the PIP.

new balance

‘It seems like the major theme over these past few years has been how do we get the most money to the most popular players on our Tour? Hahn asked.

‘I use the word popular instead of best players because, granted that Tiger is one of the best players to ever have played this game, but he just won the PIP money two years running without really playing golf, without being ranked in the top 1,000 and without keeping his card. 

‘I never would have imagined growing up that someone could make more money just for being popular than for how good they are on the course.’

Hahn also suggested that – in trying to compete with LIV – many of the PGA’s golfers have stooped to the same level as the rival’s defectors. 

‘All the big names that are talking about this ‘new product,’ if you just came out and said, ‘Hey, we’re doing this for the money,’ they want more guaranteed money and this is another way to funnel more money to the top players in the world, I’d have a lot more respect for them,’ he said.

‘Right now, they’re just covering their ass and saying everything that the PGA Tour basically has trained them to say, have taught them to say and try to make it not about money when everyone knows 100 percent it’s about more guaranteed money being funneled to the top players in the world. 

‘We’ve been talking about money for the last two years and for them not to say that that’s not the No. 1 reason why they’re making these changes —it’s very, very hypocritical.’

The PGA has also designated certain tournaments as ‘elevated events’ where – like LIV – there will be no cuts and smaller fields. 

McIlroy was speaking at TPC Sawgrass in Florida ahead of The Players Championship. 

The players’ meeting reportedly took place Tuesday morning at 7:30 am at TPC Sawgrass as players began to gather for this week’s event. The tournament will begin on Thursday and run until Sunday. 

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