Monkey Boots by Don’s Footwear

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Historically, I have never been a fan of monkey boots. Until I saw this pair by Don’s Footwear that placed all of the lines in the right spot and nailed that patina to really accentuate the design. One might not really ever think about this, but line placement on the pattern is so crucial to make or break a design. And, for me, the biggest issue in a monkey boot is putting that derby line (the facing) too far forward and making the toe area too small. On top of that perfect placement was this lovely warm patina that plays on lighter and darker browns around the various pieces of the pattern to help the flow of it.

That might all sound crazy to you, but it makes a difference. And you might not be able to explain it when seeing it, but as a designer myself these are the things I look for and will attract me to a pair of shoes/boots. And Don’s Footwear made the perfect job on these to create a pair of monkey boots that I would actually wear myself.

Don’s Footwear by nature is an ‘Elevator Shoe’ company but also makes non-elevator styles should one so request it. This boot falls under their regular styles of shoes, although one could also make it an elevator-style boot. You can see another version here that has two soles and a storm welt. It’s quite a feat that you do not often see and I can imagine that this will be a popular choice for those that like something unique.

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This model sells for $375 and you can either order it as shown or customize your choice. All shoes are made to order and completely handmade in Thailand.

You can learn more about this model here:

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