Michael Knighton claims his Manchester United takeover bid is ‘moving forward as planned’

Michael Knighton claims his Manchester United takeover bid is ‘moving forward as planned’ with ‘much going on behind the scenes’, after stating last month that the Glazers will be gone next year

  • Michael Knighton says his Manchester United takeover bid is going as planned 
  • Knighton was on United’s board of directors and came close to takeover in 1989  
  • 70-year-old said last month that the Glazers will be gone ‘by this time next year’ 

Michael Knighton has claimed that his aim to submit a bid for Manchester United is ‘moving forward as planned’.

Knighton served on United’s board of directors after being involved in a failed takeover of the club in 1989.

It emerged last month that the 70-year-old is looking to buy United, with many of the club’s supporters hugely frustrated with the current owners, the Glazer family.  

Michael Knighton says that his aim to bid for Manchester United is moving forward as planned 

Knighton tweeted: ‘Thank you ALL for the wonderful messages of support. There is much going on behind the scenes.Things are moving forward as planned.I apologise I can’t be on this platform more,just bogged down in meetings.God bless & every good wish to all of you.Yr support is greatly appreciated’.

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Knighton has yet to make a concrete offer for United but he indicated that matters are moving in the right direction.

Sir James Ratcliffe, whose net worth is estimated by Forbes to be about £14billion, has the backing of Knighton.

Knighton tried to buy Manchester United over 30 years ago and was chairman-elect

Knighton tried to buy Manchester United over 30 years ago and was chairman-elect

In an interview with Man United The Religion last month, Knighton said: 

‘We are a club in crisis and we all know the reason why. We have an inept and frankly useless ownership who know little about this game of football.

‘Everyone knows that we need new ownership of this football club and that is my aim and those are my objectives. I am making good progress, continuing to talk to the people, I have got some good pledges and good finance.

‘We are now working on the offer document. Remember, it is a hostile bid – that simply means that the club isn’t officially for sale. But my intention is to present these owners with a legitimate, potent and commercial offer to say: ‘You have run out of road, it’s time go, because your time is up’.

‘And frankly, the fans worldwide have had enough of this regime. The exciting feeling of a new season, which we all have, and that balloon of excitement that is there, it was all burst when we quickly saw the performance against Brighton. The club is in crisis and it will remain in crisis while we have this current ownership.’

Knighton suggested that there are similarities between United’s current situation and what occurred in 1989.

He told The Daily Mail: ‘There are strong comparisons between Manchester United in 1989 and Manchester United now, apart from the figures involved becoming much bigger.

‘United was a failing business in ’89, they never made any money. When I was juggling that ball, they’d just announced losses of £1.3m on a turnover of £7m. The fans hated the Edwards family [the owners] and they hadn’t won the league for 22 years.’

Knighton also suggested that the Glazers will have left United by next year.

He said: ‘United will cost a premium in excess of their share because of its name and history. Yet the owners have damaged the brand and lumbered it with debt. A reasonable price would be well under the reported £4.5bn they once turned down.

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‘The Glazers will know they are driving the value of their own asset down. They will not own Manchester United this time next year.’

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