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Deriving its name from the system used to send high-frequency radio updates at high peaks and altitudes, Mountain Radio explores the settings of the outdoors to create radio sounds; specifically, those made by burgeoning DJs from some of the UK’s largest cities. Hailing from Manchester and London, DJs Flora Yin-Wong and Finn McCorry and not only transport their sounds from the city to the outer reaches of the countryside and coasts; they also use these surroundings to inform the music itself.

Busy cities run through London-based DJ Flora Yin-Wong’s DNA; living in the UK’s capital, she has family from cities including Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur – some of the busiest places in the world. The contrast between the chaos of the city and the soothing calm of nature permeates through her sound, which is inspired by some of the landscapes and cultures she experiences whilst travelling. From deserted Arctic Circle towns to and volcanos in Iceland, remote wooded islands found in Japan, and the plethora of green parks dotted throughout London; the breadth and variety of what nature has to offer plays an integral part in forming Flora’s music.

As versatile as the settings offered up by nature, the Hut Ultra Wrap is made to see its wearers through limitless places. Whether a leisurely stroll through the city’s concrete streets or a hike through greener pastures, this techy sandal is fitted with a breathable EVA upper, BLOOM midsole and FloatMax foam, along with recycled webbing and adjustable straps to lock you in on a whole range of adventures.

Manchester’s Finn McCorry does the circuits in the city, frequenting its most popular venues and bringing his electronic sounds with him. To Finn, music and the outdoors are intrinsically linked, with the romanticism of ethereal tracks and nature’s habitats evoking a certain form of escapism. Finn’s home of the Peak District brings both solace and inspiration; his track documents a journey from the hustle of the city to Hope Valley’s Bamford, and the encompassing noise of the Old Mill Pond’s rushing waters.

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As is always the case with Merrell footwear, the Moab Speed GORE-TEX SE’s material construction and finely tuned detailing makes it a robust fit for anyone seeking an outdoor shoe to see them through all kinds of escapades. Uppers lined with GORE-TEX are reliable in challenging weathers, whilst comfort is maintained by FloatPro and EVA cushioned midsoles, which support and carry each step with ease. You can’t get very far in the great outdoors without plenty of grip, so the outsole is Vibram EcoDura comprised for a sticky tread even on looser terrains.

Merrell Moab Speed GORE-TEX SE

Even with all this outdoor aptness, that doesn’t mean that these can’t be sported in urban settings too. Much like the Mountain Radio sees Flora and Finn travel from the bustling cities to the most tranquil settings nature has to offer, Merrell has perfected footwear which, whilst being extremely functional and ready for any outdoor activity, is also well-received in less adrenaline fuelling environments- like the city pavement for example. In true Mountain Radio form; an absolute hybrid of design.

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Merrell Moab Speed GORE-TEX SE
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Merrell Moab Speed GORE-TEX SE

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