Is Carmelo Anthony really the best free agent remaining the Boston Celtics could sign?


The Boston Celtics are reportedly planning on taking their time deciding what they will do regarding the minutes that injured veteran forward Danilo Gallinari would have played for the team this season before tearing his left ACL in FIBA qualifier play earlier this summer.

But rumors have connected the Celtics to veteran free agent Carmelo Anthony given the fact that not only with the 19-year vet being a fairly similar player to Gallinari in terms of position if not entirely style of play. Both of course are not famous defenders at this stage of their careers, but Anthony could very well be the best remaining unsigned free agent.

The hosts of ESPN’s “NBA Today” show recently debated whether Melo is indeed the best remaining option that the Celtics and the rest fo the league might be able to sign.

Take a look at the clip embedded above to see what they had to say about that.

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