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The Key Factors of a Good Hiking Shoe

We all like to seek out adventure and explore new heights in the world around us. Hiking is a great way to fulfill our desire to see what’s out there– but we need the right shoes for our journey. The outdoors is full of uncertainties and unexpected terrain. Regular tennis shoes won’t keep you steady throughout the adventure. 

You need a strong, reliable shoe ready for whatever comes your way. We’re here to show you what that looks like.

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#1 Weight

When you’re hiking for hours, bulky boots can take a toll on your whole body. When lugging around heavy shoes, your feet get sore and tired quickly, so it’s better to find a lightweight option. When hiking in lighter shoes, your body will use less energy and muscle force, giving you more endurance on your adventure.

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#2 Breathability

Breathability is essential when wearing shoes for extended periods of time. You want breathable shoes when you’re hiking for many reasons. First, this allows the moisture to air out, which can prevent infections, odor, and skin problems. This also keeps your feet much more comfortable in extreme climates so that you can focus on your hike.

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#3 Protection

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Rough terrain and harsh weather conditions can cause hazards during your hike, so it’s crucial to have protective footwear. Look for styles that have weatherproof materials and features. This includes European steel toes, puncture resistance, and more.

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#4 Comfort & Support

Having supportive, comfortable shoes is key to having a good hiking experience. It helps to prevent fatigue and possible injuries. If you have wide feet, we recommend getting a wide footwear design. Also, go for designs that have supported soles and arches.

#5 Stability

Stability is something you don’t want to overlook because it’s important to have control while you hike. It’s incredibly dangerous to slip and all while hiking. You need footwear that won’t slip or skid, even in the most challenging terrain.

Ready to meet the shoes that do it all?

Indestructible Shoes have everything you need (and more) in a hiking shoe. The Ryder Black model is a favorite for many adventurers…

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✔ European Steel Toes

✔ Breathable Flymesh

✔ Puncture Resistance

✔ OSHAASTM F2413-18 Approved

✔ No-Tie Laces

✔ Cushioning Midsole

✔ Flexible

✔ Less Than 1LB

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