Got Black Shoes?

Black Shoes

No matter how hard I try to change this fact, black shoes are easily the most sold leather color in my own shoe company. I always wish it was something more daring, but black calf dress shoes simply cannot be beaten. And most likely that fact will never change. And the older I get, the more I understand it. The older I get, the more I veer towards wearing black. Not just in shoes, but in general. It is just so easy. And always looks classic, respectable, and elegant. It’s hard to deny its purpose. So here we are.

There is a shoe collector out there, in Japan of course, that even puts me to shame though. Here I share just a few of his black oxford/lazyman collection. When you put it into perspective, here he shares just 13 pairs of black brogue/layzman style shoes. And a lot are bespoke. And I repeat, this is just his laced/lazyman shoes, not to mention loafers and other colors of footwear. When you see his account, you will understand. It is impressive. Some might say psychotic, but the reality is that we are all psychotic in our own ways. Some collect watches, some cars, some Pez dispensers, some Jordan sneakers, some tools for their garage, and others some really strange stuff. So when a guy collects shoes, I tend to see it as normal, not for the fact that I too love shoes but more so for the fact that all of us collect something.

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Black Shoes


But having 13 pairs of black oxford style shoes, now that is something else. Even more so when you look at these and 8 of them look nearly the same. Do we really need more than one full black brogue or semi brogue? Probably not. Base case argument is having one of each in a round and chisel last. But having 3 or 4 iterations of each, now that is hardcore. But I get it. If we start talking about how many chelsea boots or butterfly loafers I own, it approaches the same realm so I am not one to judge.

His collection on the whole is more impressive than words can describe. He has dedicated his life to acquiring ‘the art of fine footwear’ and could probably fill a book with his collection alone. I don’t know the guy, but my hat is tipped toward him for his dedication to the footwear industry and for keeping great shoes alive!

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Black Shoes

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