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Bella Hadid modeled an ’80s staple while sitting poolside on her Instagram today. The ever stylish supermodel posed dynamically, snapping a photo of her dog in the process while showing off her shoes to the camera in a striped Chanel dress.

The transgenerational ensemble featured a “backwards” mini dress with long sleeves and a high neck with a white collar. The style looked to be on the opposite way, given the height of the collar and the dipping original neckline that is barely visible in the back.

Hadid also added a bit of the 90s into her outfit, channeling the supermodels of the time in black sporty shades with black reflective lenses. The Swarovski ambassador accessorized sparingly with silver studs and slicked he dark brown locks back and out of her face into a sharp side parted updo.

The star of the show was the stark white leg warmers Hadid wore that stopped just below her knees. Complementing the length of the knitted warmers, Hadid wore light blue and white square accent toe heels adorned on each toe with white bows. Although the leg warmers slightly cover up the unique shoes, the footwear is a stand-out thanks to the vibrant color and eye-catching geometric toes. The heels are short and easy to walk in allowing the 2016 “Model of The Year” to chill out and relax comfortably. Hadid has been known to wear some intense and often whimsical footwear and she pulls off every shoe flawlessly.

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Although the polarizing piece was mainly popular in the 1980s, the knitwear has been given a second wind thanks to the resurgence of subcultures like light academia or ballet core. Long gone are the days of wearing leg warmers for workouts. Gen Z are embracing the trend for everyday wear thanks to its massive popularity on TikTok.

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