A Man’s Missing On Cloud Shoe Ignites Viral Search Party in Chicago – Footwear News

Citizens across the Chicago area have been on a collective search for a lost shoe after a man asked for help in a local Facebook group.

The widespread search started when Lucas Duffy spent a night out in Schaumburg, Ill., during a work trip, according to NBC Chicago. After getting a little carried away, the man realized on his walk back home that he had lost his right shoe. It turns out that footwear brand On Cloud’s shoes had special significance to Duffy as they were a gift from his grandmother.

His flight back home was the next morning so he had no time to look for himself. Duffy took matters into the local Facebook group, “Everything Schaumburg” where he asked the members to see if they would be willing to look for the shoe.

More than 700 people commented on the Facebook post interested in helping Duffy find the shoe and it has now become a scavenger hunt. While many have been directly messaging Duffy for more clues as to where the shoe could be, other commenters have offered to replace them with new or slightly worn pairs of the same shoe in various sizes.

He has received messages and calls from local businesses in the area. Chicago Prime Italian has offered people who search for the shoe a complimentary meatball after they finish their hunt. The local Schaumburg officials also offered their help in finding the shoe.

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Duffy also gained recognition from the company that makes the shoe, On Cloud, who offered him a gift card to buy a new pair from their website.

While the shoe remains missing, the man added more information to the searchers with a more precise location as to where the shoe could possibly be. Duffy said he believes the shoe could be below the surface of the mud he got stuck to that night meaning searchers would need to do some footprint tracking or digging to find it.

Duffy has realized how much effort the local residents have put in and has expressed his gratitude for their help. He has expressed that he does plan to give the person who finds it a reward that he plans to keep a secret until the mystery of the lost shoe is solved.

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